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   Beauty Girl -
   Nina Moric -
   Nikolina Pisek
   Renata looks like she wakes up
   sexy every morning. She has a
   look that spells nothing but...
  I don't see myself as a sexy
  girl, but I do like my breasts.
  They're great... Nina Moric...
 Well, it's no secret that Nikolina
 is one of the sexiest women in
 the Croatia...
   Iva Jerkovic
How to Become a Model - It So Easy...

 She gained her
 popularity among
 men by appearing
 in Libero, Bingo
  Biography: Korina Longin
 Korina was born
 December 12, 1982,
 in the historical city
 of Zadar, Croatia.
  In an area famed for its clean
  beaches and ancient churches,
  Korina was renowned for her
  beauty, and a family friend
  suggested that she show her
  photos to modeling agencies.
  This advice proved well founded,
  and by age 11 Korina was known
  throughout the country as a
  runway model...

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